Russian Systema – Zarilla Self-Defense

Systema is a military martial arts system that was developed from the ground up to be used by the KGB and counter terrorism groups of Russian special forces (i.e. Spetsnaz). It concentrates on things such as self-protection (i.e. against knife, club or gun), grappling, and weapons training as well as personal wellness. Systema students train for real-life combat situations and the potential to defend against multiple armed opponents.

This system does not use techniques in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, it uses natural and/or logical movements intended to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the human body which can be easily modified for any situation at hand. Not only does this mean that it can be used for anything from cradling a newborn child to disarming multiple armed attackers, but that these things can be done all at the same time. Techniques are taught, however they generally have no practical use of their own; they are intended to teach the student to understand the movements they use rather than memorize them without purpose.

Systema is intended to be used for defeating threats of any kind, be it an unforeseen unsafe situation in the workplace or at home or an organized all out assault on the practitioner. In order to achieve this goal, it ignores most of the more artistic aspects of martial arts, such as forms, patterns & poomsae in favor of drills to improve proficiency in such things as awareness, three dimensional movement, grappling, striking and weapons. It does this through breath work, natural body position, free movement, and relaxation.