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some of our friends. we really believe in and endorse each and everyone on this page and we encourage everyone to visit these wonderful pages


The International Hapkido Alliance
The International Hapkido Alliance is dedicated to the propagation and standardisation of Hapkido along with its traditional spirit throughout the globe. It is the mission of the International Hapkido Alliance to encourage, develop, guide, and provide fellowship for those individuals interested in and/or practicing in the martial art of Hapkido—regardless of style or affiliation.

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This blog was created to reach out to all kinds of women! Women who love self defense, women who have never even thought about self defense and all those in between! Our group is in the “LOVES” self defense category! Our goal is to teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones. We always think “It will never happen to me”, well there are some in our group that thought the same thing but it did! We are here today because we knew how to defend ourselves!

We also wanted to create a little community for women to talk about all kinds of things… some of us on here need to lose 5 or 10 pounds.. so we have a fitness section.. some of us love to eat too.. so we have healthy recipes so we can indulge when we want to but some of us on here need motivation too! That’s why there is a blog on each section! So we can talk about our issues! We can have fun! We can discuss our fears! We will be adding all different kinds of categories along the way!

We hope that you join us on our journey.. as one of our contributors says “Buckle up.. it’s gonna be some ride!!”

Trina Pellegrini, Founder


We welcome you to the most important positive change for the development of SPORT KARATE and MARTIAL ARTS in a region long known for outstanding competitors. If you live in Toronto, Syracuse, Pittsburgh… if you live in Ontario, New York or Pennsylvania….and you practice the martial arts, you can now compete in a series of tournaments that will recognize your skill, and reward you for your development. We are PKC Region IV.


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The International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF)
“The philosophy of Combat Hapkido is very simple: survival We avoid confrontation, but it is not possible to avoid the main objective is to try to survive, without exaggeration, within the law and moral boundaries. “(Grandmaster Pellegrini, Founder of Combat Hapkido, in an interview published in ‘Fighter Magazine’, April 2008).