Nicolas Zarilla – Zarilla Self-Defense


Nicolas Zarilla
Jr. Instructor
Kids Combat Hapkido Instructor
New Castle Martial Arts Competition Team coach
Certified Chung So Nyun Hapkido Instructor
1st Dan ICHF Combat Hapkido
2rd Dan UWTA TaeKwonDo
3rd Dan ITA TaeKwonDo
2016 Inductee into the King Cobra Karate Open Hall of Fame​
Certified Level 1 ICHF Ground Survival
Certified Assistant Instructor, International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF)
Certified Jr. Instructor, Slippery Rock Martial Arts (SRMA)
Certified Level 1 Instructor ICHF Tactical Pressure Points

Martial Arts Seminar Training
Attended May 2011 Combat Hapkido Level 1 Ground Survival seminar taught by Master David Rivas of the ICHF, and Master Steve Fine of Greater Cleveland Self-Defense

2012 ICHF 20th Anniversary banqute and seminar. Participated in the following classes: Ground Survival (instructed by Master David Rivas), Combat Hapkido (instructed by Grandmaster John Pellegrini), Tactical Pressure Points (instructed by Master Mark Gridley), Dan Bong and Tai Chi Qi Qong (both instructed by Grandmaster Donald Moore), Kick Boxing Clinic (Instructed by Bill “Super Foot” Wallace), Self Defense Seminar (Instructed by Cynthia Rothrock)

2013 Attended specialized training in Recognizing & Responding to Active Shooters

2013 Combat Systema seminar with Master Kevin Secours

2014 International Combat Hapkido National Training Conference, Chicago, Ill

Special Instruction, ICHF Tactical Pressure Points