Classes – Zarilla Self-Defense


The Nightly Combatives Group is unusual for a martial art group as it’s a non-profit, closed group which means that we do not charge for lessons. We are called the Nightly Combatives Group because we meet nightly in my basement in New Castle, PA. and have affectionately named the area “Zarilla’s Dungeon”

We feature Combat Hapkido, a modern system of hapkido, true combatives training and techniques and ideals rooted in Russian Systema.

We teach adults a practical, effective and realistic system of Street Self Defense and we empower children to know not only how to defend themselves but also give them the confidence and ability to succeed in social situations.

The Nightly Combatives Group believes that you should become familiar with as many martial arts as possible. At the very least you should understand and have an answer for their delivery systems. We agree with Krisnamurti who said, “Self knowledge is a continuous process”. That’s why our group has an open door policy. While membership in our group is per invitation only, any martial artist from any style or system is more than welcome to visit us and share his or her knowledge. The only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know everything. 

What we want our students to do is to be able to do the core curriculum of Combat Hapkido, make it his or her own, then adapt, evolve, and add what is their own. That will be their CH. But we also feel that they shouldn’t add what goes against the basic principles of CH and call it Combat Hapkido. Remember that any architectural principle is based on a strong foundation. Let the core curriculum be your guide to the building of your foundation and let the house you build on top of it be your own.