Active Shooters – Zarilla Self-Defense

Do Not Put Yourself Or Someone Else At Risk!!!


“Active Shooter” is the term used by Law Enforcement to describe those individuals who commit mass murder in public places. These incidents are becoming more common in our schools, shopping places, churches, theaters, and anywhere else the public gathers.Learn what you can do to give yourself the best chance of survival if you are caught in one of these shooting sprees especially if you are unarmed.
An Active Shooter incident can take place anywhere and at any time. Schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, churches, and workplaces. Anywhere you have a group of people, you have a potential target.
Zarilla Self-Defense can help. We can teach your group what to look for and how to increase their chances of survival. We’ve had the training, taken the courses, took the tests, and have the experience, and now we’re offering it to you.
Considering the recent tragic mass shooting and an increase in these types of horrific events, this training is now more vitally important than ever.
Training seminars are available for your group or company upon request. Contact us.

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