The 1 Thing You Need……

Let's pretend that you're home alone, it's late at night, and you can't sleep so you decide to watch TV. You start flipping through channels and you see one infomercial after another. On and on it goes, until finally you can guess what the host or narrator is going to say before they say it:… Continue reading The 1 Thing You Need……

The 265 Pound Bad Ass Biker

You might be wondering whether self-defense and martial arts techniques will really work against a bigger, stronger attacker. A lot of what people learn in karate, kung fu, mixed martial arts, boxing, etc. would absolutely fail in a real street fight against someone twice your size. It's just the God's honest truth. But even a bad ass 265… Continue reading The 265 Pound Bad Ass Biker

The Myth of Combatives Systems

For the longest time, you couldn’t open a martial arts magazine without seeing an ad for military hand-to-hand combat systems. SEALS, SAS, Special Forces, you name it, somebody will teach you their secrets if you only pay $29.99 for their video… That was a few decades ago. Today, you still see these ads, though the… Continue reading The Myth of Combatives Systems

Being a Black Belt in The Age of Entitlement

(A repost from Tuesday, January 10, 2017) With three of my 1st Dan Black Belts testing for their 2nd Dans in a month, I started to reflect on what it means to me to be a Black Belt (BB), and how being a BB fits into today’s society, and here’s what I concluded. Honestly, it’s quite… Continue reading Being a Black Belt in The Age of Entitlement